Homemade Glitter Sugar Sprinkles

I just love glitter, and even more so at Christmas time. It’s definitely the season for sparkle, and we’ve been using lots of glitter to decorate cupcakes in our recent classes.

There’s a sense of excitement when the edible glitter makes an appearance in class, followed by delight when it’s sprinkled over freshly whipped butter cream and sweet sugar paste decorations.

The type of glitter we use usually use comes in small pots of fine glitter dust. This can used by dipping a dry paint brush in the glitter and then transferring the brush to the area you want to cover.

Apply the glitter by lightly tapping the paint brush with your finger.

So how about something slightly different, such as how to make your cupcake sprinkles glitter?

I’ve noticed that it’s quite hard to buy sugar sprinkles that glitter (particularly in the UK).  So when I met Rula, a recent class student,  I was delighted when she shared her method on how to make your own glitter sugar sprinkles.

Step 1

You’ll need some large white sugar sprinkles such as those made by CK Products.

Some gel colours and a pot of white glitter dust (such as Hologram White by Rainbow Dust). Don’t forget a small paint brush and some cocktail sticks.

Step 2

Pour your sugar crystals into a small bowl.

With a cocktail stick, add a tiny amount of gel colour to the crystals.

Stir in the gel colours using your paintbrush. You’ll notice that you can achieve the exact colour you’d like for your sprinkles.

Step 3

Once you have mixed to the correct shade, pour in a little glitter dust and mix again with your paint brush. You’ll find that the glitter begins to stick to the sugar crystals. Leave until it dries.

Now you’re ready to sprinkle these Glitter Sugar Sprinkles over your yummy cupcake swirls.

So simple, yet so effective:)

Thanks for sharing Rula.

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